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Take Action: Urge the IDB to Investigate the Hidroituango Dam!


Photo of the Río Cauca in Colombia

Take Action: Urge the IDB to Investigate the Hidroituango Dam and its Human Rights Violations!

The Board of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) must accept responsibility for the blatant human rights violations and environmental harm emanating from the controversial Hidroituango dam in Colombia that they financed.

In the coming weeks, the IDB Board will vote on whether or not to approve an investigation into IDB Invest’s role in financing the project. We must pressure them to approve this investigation.

The Board already rejected an investigation into their public lending arm, the IDB, in August, but we have a second chance to fight for justice if they approve this investigation into their private lending arm, IDB Invest.

Construction of the Hidroituango dam in the middle of a still-active conflict zone in Colombia has resulted in violent human rights abuses, including forced displacement, intimidation, and even assassinations of rights defenders, as well as environmental degradation from drying up the vital Cauca River.

Take action now to protect the rights of local communities and urge the IDB Board to approve an investigation into the destructive Hidroituango dam.

Read the full letter to the IDB Board of Executive Directors here.

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